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About Hyperspiritual

Hyperspiritual is the 4th full length album from Los Angeles-based American artist YUS. It features 7 songs that blend heavy synthesizer patches, auto-tuned vocals, and driving beats into a musical odyssey of spiritual proportions.

The idea stemmed from a Facebook post from Darragh Nolan, who releases music as Sacred Animals, in which he evoked his belief that music comes from spirit, and returns us to spirit, our original, true form.

The cover art is a thought form that represents "sympathy and love for all". The design and album serves as a counterpart to YUS's second album, Talisman.


1. Kettle Beat
2. Home
3. Give Me That
5. Better Frens
6. You Think It‘s Alright
7. Smoke Rings


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    We love gettings demos! and we don't get enough of them. If you make music, and would like to get our help in growing as an artist, then please send us a brief message with a link to your music online i.e. Bandcamp (you can't upload here and we wouldn't want you to anyways). Just make sure you're sending some good ones. Big beats only!